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IT Specialist System Integration (m/f/d).

We have set ourselves the goal of training our apprentices in the best possible way. We want to ensure that you build up a good, well-founded expertise and that you can use your knowledge in a targeted and solution-oriented way in practice.

This will give you a good foundation on the necessary network fundamentals, build on your knowledge and get in touch with the different technology areas such as collaboration, networking and security. Here you can actively participate in the managed service on tickets, take over a fixed area of internal IT, pre-configuration etc. You will also get first experience in the concrete implementation, planning and handling of technicians projects with customer projects. In the final year, you can bring your inclinations and abilities to where you see yourself after a takeover.

My apprenticeship at Bechtle Network und Security Solutions

Hello out there.
I'm Sascha, 19 years old and an IT specialist for system integration trainee in my second year here at Bechtle Network & Security Solutions.

When I applied here, I wasn't sure if I really wanted to learn a technical profession or if an apprenticeship in the office wouldn't be the safer option.
In the end, after a short internship in the technical department, I decided to train as an IT specialist and I can say that this was definitely the right decision for me and I am very happy here in my training.

Now let's get to what a technical apprenticeship here at Bechtle Network & Security Solutions actually means and what you can expect if you decide to do the apprenticeship.
We are taught a wide range of basics in the areas of networks, security and collaboration, i.e. telephony. Thematically, it is about network components, network security, how a network is built, and which functionalities and protocols are important. The components are mainly Cisco devices. In addition, our training management and other employees hold regular classes and training sessions on various technical topics. In the course of your training, you will gradually specialize more in an area that particularly interests you.
We also have the opportunity to take part in numerous training courses from Bechtle, Cisco and other manufacturers in order to build up know-how and be optimally prepared for our exams. In order to experiment and practice, we have a trainee lab environment that is independent of the company network, where you can try out and test new things or things that are normally not allowed without endangering the company network.
Already in the first year of apprenticeship we work productively in the internal IT and are responsible for hardware and equipment of the company. During the course of your apprenticeship, you will also have more and more to do with equipment and tasks for customers and, if the opportunity arises, you will also go on field trips to customers to take on tasks on site. Of course, competent employees from the various Bechtle Network & Security Solutions technical teams will be there to help and advise you.
At the end of the apprenticeship, we aim for all apprentices to pass a CCNA as well as an ITIL Foundation certification in order to start their professional life with the best prerequisites. After the apprenticeship, you will normally be taken on at Bechtle Network & Security Solutions if you wish and have the opportunity to join different specialized technical teams.

In addition to the technical content of the training, there are always creative projects that are worked on together in the trainee team and offer a great change from the other doings. Previous projects include the gaming room at the Olching site, which was completely implemented and built by us trainees, and creative contributions to employee events.
In general, a good team spirit and harmonious cooperation in our team is a central point. In addition to regular team meetings, we also have a so-called trainee breakfast every two weeks, which is used to exchange ideas and spend time together outside of the actual work tasks.

In the course of my training so far, I have learned to appreciate my colleagues both inside and outside my team, the cordial interaction with each other and the diverse, different tasks and subject areas, and I really feel at home here.

If you're not sure, have the courage to try things out and you'll know when it's right for you. The bottom line is that it can only be good.


Management assistants for office management (m/f/d).

We have set ourselves the goal of providing our commercial apprentices with the training of the commercial to pass on processes and tasks in the best possible way. Afterwards, you should be able to work with your in-depth expertise in a targeted and solution-oriented way in practice.

You will start your training with the so-called “departmental courses” and get to know the corresponding tasks and contents. In this way you build up the knowledge you need to know to understand how a company works and what needs to be done operationally. In the second year of training you will go to your chosen “focus division” and thus you will be able to deepen your knowledge over several months. In the last year, you will either move to a division where you like it best or where you are offered a takeover opportunity.

My apprenticeship at Bechtle Network und Security Solutions

What am I going to do after finishing school, maybe start an apprenticeship? Justified question, I never knew for sure what my path would be until I found Bechtle Network & Security Solutions GmbH.
Hello reader, I am Laura, 18 years old and an apprentice in the field of office management, in the second year of my apprenticeship here at Bechtle Network & Security Solutions.

Everything started here for me in September 2020 and I can tell you one thing: I was very excited and thought a lot beforehand... Again and again I asked myself the question: Have I made the right decision? Is it exactly this branch of education and this company that suits me? Wouldn't it be better if I went to a secondary school and graduated from high school? Am I even ready for the working world?

Now, almost one year later, I can report to you that my concerns before were completely in vain - I have arrived at Bechtle Network & Security Solutions and am very happy with my decision.

Starting a commercial apprenticeship within Bechtle Network & Security Solutions means for you to experience many new insights into the working world as well as to go through various exciting processes.
You will receive a training plan adapted to the duration of your training, in which you can get to know the different sides of Bechtle Network & Security Solutions. My departmental run began in the process chain with our lovely logistics team, which takes care of all incoming and outgoing goods as well as processing and arranging returns. After that, I went to the large sales team, which prepares quotations and orders and maintains contact with our customers. Bechtle Network & Security Solutions also has the LifeCycle Management department, which keeps an eye on all service contracts with our partner Cisco. Here I was also allowed to look over the shoulders of my colleagues for a while. After that, my 6-month learning period began in Purchasing, which converts the orders created by Internal Sales into purchase orders and orders them via our various procurement channels. The strong relationship with our suppliers is very important and strengthened. Worth mentioning are then our administrative departments such as Human Resources and Administration, which I am currently allowed to attend until the summer, as well as Finance.
As you have probably noticed, there is a wide range of commercial departments which, in my opinion, can provide you with super knowledge for the upcoming exam. If there is still time left, it is also possible to take a look at our service and thus our technical departments. Here, for example, you can find the Project Management Office department, which looks after our technicians, among other things, or the Project Management, Professional Service and Managed Service departments.

Throughout your time here, you will encounter new and varied tasks, helpful colleagues who will always be happy to help you with your questions and problems thanks to their trained expertise, and you will be in contact with customers and suppliers. 
In addition, you are allowed to choose two departments before the start of your training, on which you write your topic-specific project work.
At the time, I opted for the Purchasing and Logistics and Human Resources departments. 
That's why the departmental rounds here also last half a year, so that you can be best informed about all the topics worth knowing and can thus start the oral exam well trained.

In addition to all these different departments, you are always an integral part of a colorful and large training team, which is led by great people who want to advance and promote you professionally.  This is among the greatest things I have come to love and appreciate about Bechtle Network & Security Solutions : You're never alone, you're always picked up, you have great, creative, fun and helpful young people around you who are just fun to work with and always something to push and move you.
With enthusiasm, motivation, joy and creative ideas, we are constantly moving our team and Bechtle Network & Security Solutions forward, true to our motto - active��️ - positive☀️- progressive - ��.
In addition to your self-selected topics and your departmental rotations, there are also always creative projects that are worked on together in the trainee team and create a great change from the rest of the workday.

In the course of your training, you will determine which areas of responsibility excite you and in which teams you feel most comfortable. With this gut feeling, you will be steered toward the end of your training in a direction or department in which you could later be taken on. Of course, your instructors will be there to help you make this decision. In general, it can be said that Bechtle Network & Security Solutions's goal is to keep its trainees in the company after their training. 
In addition to your instructive and varied weeks, all trainees have access to a large portfolio of training courses offered by our parent company Bechtle and our partner Cisco, which you are allowed to attend in order to build up further knowledge. 

In the course of my training so far, I have been able to take away so many things for myself and gain so much experience. In my opinion, being able to start an apprenticeship at Bechtle Network & Security Solutions  GmbH is an incredible gift and a great foundation for all the other professional milestones you will face in your life. 


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That’s what you should bring:

  • A good A-level or B-level degree
  • Knowledge of English
  • Rapid comprehension
  • Commitment and desire to learn
  • Social and communicative skills
  • Fun and tricky topics
  • Team spirit and flexibility
  • Enjoy working with people
Our offer
  • Possibilities of reduction given
  • Flexible work assignments and locations
  • Workshops, seminars and camps
  • Regular team events, summer parties and celebrations
  • Exciting development and opportunities
  • Free Fruit & Drinks
  • A Gaming Room & Lounge
  • You-Culture


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Simone Schulze
Simone Schulze

Teamlead People & Organisation


Phone: +49 89 1472764-100

E-Mail: simone.schulze@bechtle.com

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