What distinguishes us?



We are proud of our team and our community.

From the “Weißwurst” to the “Palatinate Wine” to the “Kölsch”, you will find a colorful variety of people, enthusiasm and themes.

We are characterized by great cohesion, teamwork and helpfulness. 115 people contribute to living these values and moving the business forward with a lot of flexibility and fun.



Team sports and health

Activity and health play a major role in our company.

The locations often organize team sports events such as biking tours or water sports events. At the moment virtual offers such as yoga or spine gymnastics are offered to get away from the desk for a while and do something good for us.


Team events and nice get-togethers

Community and joint events.

Here there are various sometimes very spontaneous events such as a BBQ in the lunch break or after work. Christmas parties or large community events in which all Stemmer colleagues take part.



Sustainability is important to us.

We are constantly asking ourselves what we can improve and what we can do to make us more sustainable. For example, we have switched to water dispenser for filling at all locations and have charging points for e-mobility.


Knowledge and development

Keyword knowledge and development.

Our mentality and also our business are shaped by progress and development. In order to be able to reflect this within the organization, we offer several options to choose from. For example, there is a central academy, a webinar series “Stemmer wills wissen” and many other offers on the manufacturer´s and personal side that support you in your own professional and personal development.

In addition, we offer internal coaching and promote the initiative for our colleagues via the “Ideas Box”.


Company Dogs

Animal supporters.

To the great delight of our colleagues, it happens from time to time that our company dogs cross our paths. This ensures good vibes and fun moments.

Of course, the Goody only works if nobody is bothered, but so far we have no problems with it.




In addition to the normal company offers such as job bikes, occupational disability or baV, we also offer cool and discounted shopping opportunities and much more.

Take advantage of it and benefit from it!


News and Information

Communication and information are everything.

No, there are no newspapers anymore. You can get your information, news and other exchanges about the company in regular company calls, Cisco Team Groups or simply in team meetings and conversations. There are no limits to the exchange and the strategy, numbers and tasks are discussed openly and clearly. Active participation is not only desired, but also in the interest of all, so that we can improve, move and change.



We are committed to equal opportunities, inclusion and diversity and are against any kind of discrimination.

At BNS, 20 different nationalities are represented, in a mixed age structure from 17 years to 71 years. We are committed to building more women in engineering and encourage each gender. We are open to new talent also from the LGBTQIA+ community. There is a dedicated Pride@bechtle community within Bechtle that anyone can join. Our commitment is reflected in the Pride Champion, which we won in silver.

We are committed to family friendliness, team balance and accessibility.

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